Vampiro Música Diaries: Songs From Temporada 4, Episódio 9

Stefan in The Vampire Diaries Season 4, Episode 9: “Oh Come, All Ye Faithful”

Nós começamos a tocar música de férias em novembro, por isso foi um prazer ver Vampire Diaries Temporada 4, Episódio 9, “O Come All Ye Faithful” recheado como lotação completa de músicas festivas. É claro, nós nunca vamos ouvir “O Holy Night” exatamente da mesma maneira novamente. Dica o ‘chapéu de Papai Noel para a música homem Chris Mollere.
Fonte: Twitter do Chris Mollere

Música: “Covering Your Tracks”
Artista: Amy Stroup
Momento Música: Elena e Damon estão na cama com todas as suas roupas.
Sun’s set I’ve waited for you all day I’ve waited for you all day My love So come quick I’m ready for you always
I’m ready for you always My love You Just you, just you, just you, just you Hear me out… Hear my feelings out loud I’m runnin’ over love clouds To you Blue moon Is shining there for us now It’s followin’ us around The room

Música: “Take You to the Mistletoe”
Artista: The Kicks
Don’t you know it’s cold outside, so I think you should come in close

Música: “O Holy Night”
Artista: Cary Brothers
Momento Música: Tyler e Hayley fala, Klaus masacres
o holy night the stars are brightly shining through the night of our dear savior’s birth long lay the world in sin and error pining til he appeared and the soul felt it’s worth the thrill of hope the weary world rejoices yonder breaks a new and glorious morn fall on your knees oh hear the angel voices oh night divine oh night that christ was born

Song: Christmas Wrapping
Artista: The Waitresses
“Bah, humbug” no, that’s too strong ‘Cause it is my favorite holiday But all this year’s been a busy blur Don’t think I have the energy To add to my already mad rush Just ‘cause it’s ‘tis the season The perfect gift for me would be Completions and connections left from Last year, ski shoppin’ Encounter, most interesting Had his number but never the time Most of ’81 passed along those lines So deck those halls, trim those trees Raise up cup’s of Christmas cheer I just need to catch my breath Christmas by myself this year Calendar picture, frozen landscape Chilled this room for twenty-four days Evergreens, sparkling snow Get this winter over with Flashback to springtime, saw him again Would’ve been good to go for lunch Couldn’t agree when we were both free We tried, we said we’d keep in touch Didn’t, of course, ‘til summertime Out to the beach to his boat could I join him?No, this time it was me Sunburn in the third degree Now the calendar’s just one page And, of course, I am excited Tonight’s the night, but I’ve set my mind Not to do too much about it Merry Christmas, Merry Christmas But I think, I’ll miss this one this year

Música: “Christmas Song”
Artista: Ravonettes
Momento de música: a mãe de Tyler está preocupado com ele não se formar no colégio
All the lights are coming on now / How i wish that it would snow now/ i don’t feel like going home now / I wish that I could stay / All the trees are on display now / and its cold now / I don’t feel like going home now / I wish that i could stay / I wish that I could walk
/ I wish that i could walk/ you home

Música: “Jingle Bells”
Artista: Sugar & The Hi Lows
Momento Música: Klaus e Stefan falar sobre matar pessoas
Dashing through the snow In a one horse open sleigh O’er the fields we go Laughing all the way Bells on bobtails ring Making spirits bright What fun it is to laugh and sing A sleighing song tonight

Música: “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas”
Artista: Digital Daggers
Momento Música: Klaus falou a Carol Lockwood
Have yourself a merry little christmas / Let your heart be light / Next year all our troubles will be / Out of sight  / Have yourself a merry little christmas / Make the yuletide gay / Next year all our troubles will be / Miles away / Once again as in olden days / Happy golden days of yore / Faithful friends who are dear to us / Will be near to us once more Someday soon, we all will be together / If the fates allow / Until then, well have to muddle through somehow / So have yourself a merry little christmas now.

Música: “Oblivion”
Artista: Bastille
Momentos musicais: beijos Elena Damon, Bonnie e Jeremy dizer adeus
When you fall asleep with your head upon my shoulder when you’re in my arms you’ve gone somewhere are you going to age me leave a part to trace are you going to age me grace or only to wake and hide your face oblivion is calling out your name you always take it farther than I ever come when you play it hard and I try to follow you there it’s not about control but I turn back when I see where you go are you going to age me grace are you going to leave a path to trace when oblivion is calling out your name


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